To tell you about my brand MR Milagro Rousse first I have to talk a little about myself. My name is Milagro, I am a mother, wife,  Systems Engineer by profession, a lover of good food, traveling, reading a good book, vintage movies and musicals.

Since I was very little, I had the great influence of my grandmother who made all kinds of crafts. I grew up making clothes for my dolls, fabric and flexible dough flowers, painting on fabric and many other things I can not even remember ... In 2006 I had a first approach to jewelry crafting, when me an 2 friends got together to make goldsmith pieces and sell them among our acquaintances, family and colleagues.


But it is not until 2014 that jewelry, as a means of personal and professional development, begins to haunt my head. As a result of emigrating, I decided to leave behind my professional career as an engineer and start training in jewelry in a workshop in the center of Madrid, hand in hand with excellent professionals, learning different artisan techniques from handling metals, carving wax, enameling, among others ... it is there when I start in this fascinating world.


MR Milagro Rousse was born in Spain as a Jewelry brand in May 2015, in Madrid, with the mission of offering handmade jewelry that enhances your style, elegance and femininity.

Feel the elegance of handmade jewelry

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MR Milagro Rousse